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What is Circular Packaging Challenge

The Circular Packaging Challenge initiative (hereinafter, the “Initiative”) is a European competition between Startups linked to the field of the circular economy in which the most innovative and effective solutions will be sought to respond to the challenges (as these defined in these bases) in the field of packaging circularity.

Its main objective is to promote the connection between, on the one hand, the packaging companies and businesses that are already part of Ecoembes and that register in the initiative (hereinafter, “Collaborating Companies”) and, on the other, the most innovative Startups European level that propose solutions that promote the sustainability of packaging.

The Initiative will also promote the development of pilot projects that serve to test and scale these new technologies and business models in a real environment and verify their potential.

What challenges are posed in Circular Packaging Challenge 2024

The Challenges of the Initiative in which the Startups will compete will be the two most voted for by the Collaborating Companies at the time of their registration in this Initiative (hereinafter, the “Challenges”) from among the options indicated below:

• NEW MORE CIRCULAR PACKAGING. Use of more recycled material, new more sustainable materials, new packaging processes and improvements to enhance the qualities of the packaging.

• CIRCULAR CONSUMER. Solutions for a more informed, sensitised consumer, who participates in the circularity of packaging and its labelling.

• NEW PACKAGING MANAGEMENT MODELS. Returnable packaging systems, reusable and refillable packaging models, technologies for managing new models.

• CIRCULAR WASTE MANAGEMENT. Solutions for waste management in companies, new recycling models, and innovations in waste traceability.

Collaborating Companies

All those companies that are already part of Ecoembes are eligible to participate, and that are included in the database published on the official website, (https://www.ecoembes.com/es/empresas/pones-productos-envasados-en-el-mercado/buscador-de-empresas), and that they are up to date with the payments derived from their legal obligations with the Green Point system.

Benefits for Collaborating Companies

Companies that are part of Ecoembes that register in the initiative will be able to access the following benefits:

  • Receive the European dossier of selected Startups, which will be a compendium of innovative technologies for the circularity of packaging in Europe.
  • If they wish, be part of the Startup evaluation process, both in the Evaluation Committee and in the final Jury.
  • Participate in a final networking event with the selected Startups, where there will be expert speakers. Exchange meetings will be held between Startups and companies at the event.
  • Be an active part in the open pilot projects promoted by Ecoembes and consult the results obtained in their execution.
  • Be able to lead and execute exclusive pilot projects in collaboration with Startups, with the support of Ecoembes in the ideation and agreement signing phase.

Phases of the initiative

The Initiative will begin with the launch by Ecoembes of a call at the European level to attract the best Startups that can provide solutions to the two challenges selected by the Collaborating Companies.

Through a scouting process, Ecoembes will carry out exploration, screening and recruitment of the most promising European Startups.

Once the registration period for the Startups has ended, the Collaborating Companies will be able to participate in the three phases detailed below:

  • Evaluation of applications and selection of finalist Startups: an Evaluation Committee will be created made up of Collaborating Companies, invited external experts and Ecoembes staff. This Evaluation Committee will evaluate the Startups registered in the initiative based on the established evaluation criteria. Any Collaborating Company may participate in this Evaluation Committee.
  • Final networking event: the finalist Startups will be invited to participate in the final event to show their solutions to the Challenges where they will also be able to interact with the Collaborating Companies that wish to attend them. These companies will constitute a Jury that will evaluate the profile of the finalist Startups and their presentations to select the winners.
  • Pilot projects: after the final networking event, the development of pilot projects will be promoted to validate the Startups’ solutions to the Challenges. These projects may be of two types:
    • Open pilot projects (Ecoembes-companies-Startups). Ecoembes will promote and finance at least two pilot projects with the Startups it selects, with the possibility of Collaborating Companies that wish to also join. The results obtained will be open and will be made available to all Collaborating Companies that request access to this information.
    • Exclusive pilot projects (Collaborating Companies-Startups). The Collaborating Companies may develop pilot projects in the number and manner they consider appropriate. If they request it, they can also receive advice from Ecoembes on the initial contact and a contract model, with Ecoembes not intervening in the execution or financing of these pilots between Collaborating Companies and Startups. Once the project starts, the Collaborating Companies and Startups will be governed by the content of these agreements they have reached regarding the financing of the pilots and the ownership of their results, among other elements.

Registration and deadlines

Companies that wish to register can access the initiative’s website (https://challenges.gocircular.es/challenge/packaging-2024/inscripcion-empresasand register, evaluating at the time of registration the Challenges that are of greatest interest to you.

The following deadlines are established for each phase:

  • Company registration and selection of challenges: until April 5, 2024.
  • Registration for the final event: until November 1, 2024.
  • Collaboration in pilot projects: until December 20, 2024.

Ecoembes reserves the right to extend and/or modify the indicated dates, notifying it in all Circular Packaging Challenge communication channels.

At the time of registration, companies accept these conditions of participation, as well as the privacy and confidentiality policy of the Circular Packaging Challenge.

Promoter of the initiative

The promoter of the Initiative is Ecoembes Entidad Administradora, S.L.U. with VAT No. B56540040 and registered office at Calle Cardenal Marcelo Spínola, 14. 2nd floor. 28016 Madrid, forming a transversal initiative in this organisation in which the Department of Innovation, the Department of Business and, as a managing entity, the innovation center TheCircularLab based in Logroño participate.

Ecoembes responsability

Ecoembes reserves the right to extend, modify, shorten, cancel or cancel the Initiative, which will be duly notified in the Circular Packaging Challenge communication channels in the event that the circumstances, in its opinion, so advise and in no case may it be considered responsible to the participants for these modifications.

Ecoembes is exempt from any type of responsibility for damages or claims that may arise from participation in the Initiative and/or from access, financing, development and participation in the Pilot Projects.

Ecoembes is not responsible either towards the Collaborating Companies or towards third parties or persons that contracted services or products with the Startups that participate in the Initiative.

The conditions of the exclusive Pilot Projects will be negotiated between the Collaborating Companies and the Startups, with Ecoembes not being a party nor, consequently, Ecoembes assuming any responsibility.

Confidentiality and privacy policy

Ecoembes, as data controller, informs the Collaborating Companies that it will process the personal data that they provide within the framework of the Initiative for the purposes indicated in the Initiative’s Privacy Policy. Said Privacy Policy will be provided in the registration process and will be available at all times on the Initiative’s website. In accordance with this Privacy Policy, the interested party may exercise the rights recognised by the data protection regulations and which are those indicated in the aforementioned Privacy Policy.

The Collaborating Companies may consent that both their corporate distinctive sign (registered or not), as well as their corporate name or commercial name (registered or not) (jointly, “Distinctive Signs”) are displayed on the Ecoembes website, social networks and others. actions and means of dissemination of the Initiative. Although the use of the Distinctive Signs will be carried out in relation to the current edition of the Initiative, Ecoembes will not have the obligation to withdraw the publications in which they have been incorporated on the occasion of it, and may use the Distinctive Signs and said publications for an indefinite period of time for archiving, historical and/or communication purposes in the media, files and websites of Ecoembes, in any case, linked or related to the Initiative. For the purposes of these conditions of participation, “Confidential Information” will be understood as all information or documentation, in oral, written, electronic, digital and/or any other type of support, communicated and/or exchanged by/between Ecoembes. , the Collaborating Companies and/or the Startups within the framework of this Initiative, whether or not it has been classified as reserved or confidential. Specifically, “Confidential Information” will be considered the information, documentation, data, materials, discoveries, findings, results or developments that make up the projects that participate in the Initiative, as well as the documents, information and content of the meetings held in the framework thereof, including the meetings of the Evaluation Committee and those in which the information, confidential or not, of the Startups is evaluated.

The Collaborating Companies and Ecoembes undertake to maintain strict confidentiality of the Confidential Information and not to publish, in any case, the conversations and messages exchanged between them, nor to share the Confidential Information with third parties or entities, being at all times private and confidential. In addition to the above, Ecoembes ensures that it will not publish the personal data of the person who registers for the Initiative on behalf of the Collaborating Company.

The ownership of the intellectual and industrial property rights of the results generated by the pilot projects will be governed according to what is agreed upon by Ecoembes, the Collaborating Companies and/or the Startups for each pilot project.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, the Collaborating Companies declare and guarantee that they are the exclusive holders and owners of all materials, documentation, intellectual and industrial property assets, information, etc., that they facilitate or make available to the Initiative, therefore who will respond exclusively to any judicial or extrajudicial claim or demand that may arise due to non-compliance with the above, being responsible for any payment or compensation that may arise, and holding Ecoembes harmless at all times.


Privacy Policy Summary

  • I would like to receive information about this initiative.
  • My data will be stored in a database for this purpose.
  • We will never share your data with third parties beyond the initiative.
  • You can decide at any time if you do not wish to receive new communications.


Resumen Política de Privacidad

  • Deseo recibir información sobre esta iniciativa.
  • Mis datos se almacenarán en una base de datos para este fin.
  • Nunca compartiremos tus datos con terceras organizaciones más allá del equipo de gestión de la iniciativa.
  • Podrás decidir en todo momento si no deseas recibir nuevas comunicaciones.